PID Loop Tuning Bootcamp - BAS320 Live Session

PID Loop Tuning Bootcamp - BAS320 Live Session


The cost savings of fixing one poorly performing PID loop will cover the cost of this course!

The cost savings of fixing one poorly performing PID loop will cover the cost of this course!

I have adjusted PID loops before taking this course. I was changing setting to get the desired result without knowing why. I now understand why some of the changes I made had the results they did. This should make future attempts more productive.

- John C. - Trane

Phil Zito's course on PID loops is the best course I have come across on controls, bar none. I initially learned by word of mouth how to tune a loop and tried to read through HELP files from different manufacturers on how to do the same. I found the manufacturer's files dry and hard to grasp while sitting on a bucket during a long day and lots of pressure to get it done. Phil has no wasted effort or confusing jargon. Everything is clear, concise and understandable from his excellent presentation and examples. How I wish I knew this years ago!

- Brian S. - Denver Public Schools

This course helped me solidify and hone my skill and understanding with PID loops. I really feel like I have a process to follow now instead of taking educated guesses and hoping for a good outcome in the end with the commissioning agent.

- Phillip S. - ColonialWebb

What do cooling towers shooting water in the sky, supply fans tripping high static safeties, and VAV boxes over ventilating spaces have in common? 

All these problems usually stem from improperly tuned PID loops. 

If you're tired of having callbacks and margin erosion from improperly tuned PID loops then you need to attend our live PID loop tuning session.

PID Loop Tuning Bootcamp (BAS320) provides a comprehensive study of PID loops. Students will learn how PID Loops function, how to tune PID Loops, and how to troubleshoot poorly performing PID Loops. Scroll down to the Description section for details.

This course is:

  • SINGLE ATTENDEE LICENSE (contact us for group rates).
  • Live Online Instructor Led Course
  • Multiple checklist and template documents for your use
  • Discussion forum to get your PID Loop tuning questions answered by your instructor.



This course is targeted towards salespersons, technicians, designers, operators, consulting engineers, and project managers who have at least 6 months of experience with BAS systems or have been through our BAS fundamentals course.


Pre-requisite knowledge

Fundamental awareness of the parts and pieces of BAS.



  • Demonstrate working knowledge of PID Loops and their settings
  • Demonstrate the ability to tune and troubleshoot PID loops
  • Develop the ability to effectively setup multiple PID loops

    Key Topics

    This course teaches you exactly how PID Loops work and what you need to do in order to effectively tune them. This course will also teach you how to troubleshoot and fix poorly performing loops.

    • Learn what PID Loops are
    • Explore the key parameters for loop tuning
    • Discover the process of loop tuning across multiple different versions of software
    • Explore the PID Loop troubleshooting methodology
    • Watch recorded live PID Loop tuning to truly understand the loop tuning process
    • Work multiple PID loop drills to cement the PID loop processing process.

        Successful completion will require:

        • Attending the complete live session.
        • Completion of final exam



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