Building Automation Lab Kit- With Workbench

Building Automation Lab Kit- With Workbench




The Lab Kit Material List is Updated as of 9/12/2022.

Our Building Automation Lab Kit provides everything you need to construct your own home lab. Using this kit you will be able to gain valuable experience in:

  • Wiring of Inputs, Outputs, and Power
  • Installation and Configuration of I/O to include:
  • Relays (IDEC and Functional Devices RIB)
  • Actuators (Proportional VDC and mA)
  • Sensors (Resistive, VDC, and mA)
  • Power 120VAC to 24VAC
  • Graphic, Trend/History, and Alarm setup
  • User and Role Management
  • Graphical Programming
  • BACnet Setup and Configuration

You can gain even more value from this kit by using it in conjunction with our courses to gain hands-on experience with the course lessons. This kit assumes you do not have a copy of Niagara Workbench for the software labs, if you do please click here to purchase our kit without workbench.

The lab kit includes:

  • Controllers and Software
    • (1) Niagara Workbench License
    • (2) CIPer-10 IP Field Controllers
    • (1) USB to micro-a USB
  • Inputs, Outputs, and Power
    • (1) 100VA Power Supply with Extension Cord
    • (1) AFS-460 Air Flow Switch
    • (1) CWE CO2 Wall Sensor
    • (1) 10K-2 Thermistor Wall Mount Temp Sensor
    • (1) 10K-2 Thermistor 8 Inch Duct Probe
    • (2) RHIB IDEC Relays
    • (2) RIBU1C Relays
    • (1) LMB24-SR Actuator (Proportional)
    • (1) LMX24-3-T-F Actuator (Floating)
    • (1) 5-Port Netgear (or equivalent switch)
  • Panel and Wire
    • (1) 250FT 2 COND 18AWG STRD, UNSHLD PLENUM Wire
    • (1) 22GA 3 COND SHLD PLNM
    • (1) Siemens 567-453 36x24 NEMA 1 Panel
    • (1) Din Rail Hardware Kit


We can currently only ship within the United States

The kit will take approximately 4-6 weeks to package and ship upon order.

You will receive access to our lab course where we will be regularly adding labs and wiring diagrams. Please note these labs will not include instruction as our courses do, these will simply be lab exercises you can perform on your own.

*Note: We have approval from Honeywell to resell these lab kits to our students.

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