Niagara Basics

Niagara Basics


Effortlessly execute common Niagara tasks with Niagara Basics.

Effortlessly execute common Niagara tasks with Niagara Basics.

Are you looking for a resource that you can utilize in the field to perform common day-to-day tasks? Niagara Basics provides on-demand access to a growing library of quality video lessons that guide you through performing the most common Niagara tasks. This course is the perfect resource to help you continue doing your day to day tasks after attending Niagara TCP.

This course is:

  • Fully online and self-paced
  • Covers all of the topics a technician will encounter in field installs
  • Bi-weekly live office hours to discuss the course with the instructor
  • Learn from your house or on the bucket with our mobile friendly design
  • Access to all course material for (1) one full year



This course is targeted towards​ technicians, designers, operators​, and programmers who have at least 6 months of experience with BAS systems or have been through our BAS fundamentals course.


Pre-requisite knowledge

Fundamental awareness of the parts and pieces of BAS. Understanding of basic IT concepts like web browsers and networks. Students will have ideally completed their Niagara TCP.



  • Execute common controls tasks using Niagara workbench
  • Design and commission a JACE using Niagara workbench
  • Understand the capabilities of workbench to include, the Niagara Platform, Drives, Services, Graphics, Objects, Extensions, Views, Users, and more.
  • Learn to create a complete site and front-end from scratch with our walk-through video
  • Demonstrate the ability to write simple programs in wiresheet


Key Topics

Students will learn how to commission and setup a JACE using the Niagara Workbench software. Specifically students will learn:

  • How to use the commissioning wizard to commission JACE's
  • How to setup the Niagara Platform Daemon and all of it's modules
  • How to add a JACE to a network
  • The Niagara object model, facets, folders, and object parameters
  • How to creat​e a BACnet trunk and discover BACnet devices and objects
  • ​How to setup the Niagara GUI including, graphics, hierarchies, point extensions, bFormatting, and schedules.
  • How to implement users securely using the category, role, and user services ​
  • How to utilize the Niagara help files
  • How to use the Niagara Palette and how to write simple programs using kitControl
  • How to use the program service and batch editor
  • How to create and use templates
  • How to write simple programs in wiresheet

    Successful completion will require:

    Completion of all video lessons.


    Student Testimonial

    ​"I was certified in Niagara AX when it first came out but never used it. I came back to the industry this year and took a N4-AX cross certification online course. Phil's course on N4 was the perfect program to help me continue to use Niagara as well. The course also enabled me to help other engineers in the company."

    -Ignacio Taveras


    Course Benefits

    • Learn at your own pace
    • Fully online
    • Regularly updated course material
    • Live bi-weekly office hours
    • Access to all course material for (1) one full year



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