Building Engineer Certificate Program

Building Engineer Certificate Program

We will teach you exactly what you need to know in order to be a top tier building automation engineer in less than 120 days completely online. Students will leave this track with knowledge that usually takes 3+ years on-the-job in less than 120 days and will be prepared to take on any BAS issue they encounter. It takes the average BAS engineer 3+ years to be able to independently support a building automation system. Students get to choose from two options for the Programmer Certificate Program: Troubleshooting Option and Programming OptionSmart Buildings Academy cuts through the learning curve. To learn more, scroll down to the Description section.

Our Building Engineer Certificate Program helps students to:

  • Independently support a building automation system in as little as 3 months
  • Complete all training online
  • Go from zero knowledge to operating, supporting, and troubleshooting a building automation system from scratch in less than 120 days.

What is the Training Like?

Our building engineer certificate consists of 90+ hours of online training, accompanied by exercises, knowledge checks, and how-to checklists. You will begin by learning the core building automation, HVAC, and IT theory. You will then learn how to perform all of the tasks required by a building engineer. 

This program compresses a multi-year trade school education into 90 days or less of intense, self-paced online training. You will also be supported by our discussion forums and weekly live office hours. 

This is the exact certificate program used by companies like Amazon, Bedrock Detroit, GSA, The Federal Reserve, and many other companies. 

Moving Through the Certificate Program - The Curriculum:

Students will follow the curriculum below to complete the Building Engineer Certificate Program. This program includes enrollment for 4 of the following courses. Students can choose their preference of two options for their fourth course (4a or 4b). Please click the titles of the courses below to learn more about them.

1. Building Automation Fundamentals - BAS100 will teach students:

  • How a BAS works Common controls modes
  • Common controls modes
  • Control theory and practices.

2. Control Sequence Fundamentals - BAS200 will teach:

  • How to interpret HVAC sequencing into controls theory
  • How to think from a systems perspective in order to effectively implement control sequences.

    3. BAS Installation and Configuration - BAS300 covers how to:

    • Perform job take-offs
    • Line out installers
    • Install and configure field controllers
    • Setup and configure a full front-end including graphics, schedules, trends, and alarming
    • How to gather all project documentation to create as-builts in order to close out the project.

    4a. Troubleshooting BAS Systems - BAS330 provides hands-on troubleshooting experience with:

    • Building automation
    • HVAC
    • IT


    4b. BAS Programming Fundamentals - PROG100 covers how to:

    • Create fully functional BAS programs from scratch using our design pattern methodology


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      Disclosure of Instructor's Proprietary Interests

      The instructor, who is also the Smart Buildings Academy owner, may mention materials and/or products that are proprietary to Smart Buildings Academy. If these materials are required for the course(s) this will be clearly identified in the course’s product description on our course page.

      Additional Materials Required: Lab Kit or Equivalent Materials

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